Sri Nidhi Parmarth Educational Society

Sri Nidhi Parmarth Educational Society is a not-for-profit society registered in Gurgaon, India. SNPES supports and educates the most vulnerable and neglected children to make a difference in their lives.

SNPES makes a concerted effort to ensure that children from socioeconomically disadvantaged and challenged conditions gain the aforementioned cognition of their abilities and, to the extent possible, provide the children with the skills necessary to continue the process of such cognition for the rest of their lives.

SNPES Team:-

Mrs. Alpana Tyagi (President Sri Nidhi Parmarth Educational Society; Principal Inderprstha International school)

Mr. Vijay (Vice-President Sri Nidhi Parmarth Educational Society;Social Worker)

Acr. Manish Dwivedi (Treasury Sri Nidhi Parmarth Educational Society;Vedic Astrologer)


Sri Nidhi Educational Society mainly focuses on improving quality of education and learning at existing institutions while building new methods and organizations. Please visit to our donation page for more info.


Apart from cash and in kind donations, plenty of volunteer opportunities are available in teaching languages, music, dance, etc., to kids. Please contact if you are interested or contact us from contact page.

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